Wanda’s Story

Wanda’s Story

Wanda’s Story   Message from a client, who was traveling through the Pacific Northwest and had a couple of sessions about 2 weeks apart last summer. Wanda’s Story Oct. 22nd 2016  I had 2 sessions with Ralph during a 2 week vacation to the Pacific...

Qi Gong workshop Healing Sounds – Transformation

WWW.qifieldtherapy.com DEAR FRIENDS, Thanks to all those of you who attended our last intensive hosted by the Red Lotus Society in downtown San Diego.  More than 20 of us participated in the three-hour intensive with movement, meditation and sound. We would like to...

How old can you go? thoughts of Dr. Roizen

“Disease prevention is not the same as wellness”  a quote from Dr. Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic.  Dr. Roizen’s Cleveland Clinic has been able to reverse chronic disease in over 80% of cases; and they did it through therapeutic lifestyle change...
Massage Therapy Recommendations from Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Massage Therapy Recommendations from Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Jen T. Energy Jen Toussant, HHP A licensed and certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Jen Toussant is Ralph Havens Physical Therapy’s recommended massage therapist. Having trained for over 1100 hours at Mueller College of Holistic Studies, and with extensive...

Health Care Debate – What can be done about it?

Health Care Debate:  How to Control Costs and Insure everyone Over the past few months, I have noticed a lot of people are talking on T.V., on public radio (www.NPR.org) , in movies, in the Senate, House of Representatives, the White House and in the community about...

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