Happy customers.

Suzy  — “Ralph is the real thing.”

Ralph is the real thing. He’s himself. He’s knows everything about the body, everything. Besides that he’s funny, easy to connect with, and consistently right on. He waves his hands in front of you, either in person or by phone, and while you’re laughing at the craziness of it all, you heal. Would I give Ralph 5 stars for consistently outstanding work? I did!


R.C.  — “It’s changing my life every day.”

I think the human part of me always doubt what I cannot see.  I cannot see what Ralph does.  I feel it.  It’s changing my life every day.  In today’s world where things are not in balance, I feel Ralph greatest gift, he assists you to find your personal balance.


M.E.  — “A beautiful miracle.”

After last weeks session, I immediately began to feel my health recover. I cannot even explain my recovery process. A beautiful miracle. Where I once thought that my health will forever be compromised, I now feel and see the hope. I consulted with two doctors this week and they both were very pleased at my remarkable recovery. The wound is now 80% better and perhaps another two weeks and I should fully recover. I thank you and all those who assist with the healing. Whilst I was once hesitant I am now a firm believer of energetic healing.


S.Z.  — “I can’t thank Ralph enough”

“I’ve experienced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes since I started working with Ralph ~ all for the better, although not all easy ~ and I’ve been led to even more resources and avenues for change in that time.  I’ve found guidance in a direction that I didn’t even know I needed to go, and I’ve started on another path in life that was and still is, totally unexpected (and a bit scary, but also exciting and joyful).  I can’t thank Ralph enough for helping me grow as a person and spiritual being.”


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