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Hey, I’m Ralph.

I’m the therapist for soul-actualized people.


Do you have a life purpose that is aching to be fulfilled?

Do you crave Optimal Health so you can get on with Doing what you are Here to Do in this Life?


Are you ready to get to the Root Cause of your Condition?



If you said YES,

Let’s Work Together.


Experience the changes you not only want, but also the bigger, more abundant,

magical manifestations the universe already knows you deserve.


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“I feel so alive and connected to myself.  It’s such a beautiful experience and state to be in.  I feel in the moment. Your work is incredible and priceless.”


“I feel more in touch with the universe than ever before. I also feel that opportunities are coming to me more easily than ever.  Thank you once again for these sessions.”


“All these sessions lend me courage to just let go! And trust! Because I am seeing instant responses when I do, receiving instant information when I do.”


A Video Intro From Ralph Havens

Solve the Root Cause of your Condition.

If you’re desiring to finally get Healthy and connect with your true Heart’s Desires, I am here for you.
I know what it’s like to deal with chronic conditions and feel trapped. It’s frightening and overwhelming. Trust me – I’ve been there.
Let me Help you find and solve the root cause of your condition so you’d say,  “don’t pinch me because I’m living the dream.”
You can do this. I can help!

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC &
Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

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