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Are you a soul-actualized person with a mission and a purpose that you are dreaming of fulfilling?

Are you looking to get to the Root Cause of what has been holding you back?  What is in the way?

So you can have the Freedom to actually bring it to the World?

Gabriel and I are at the Intersection of the Tech World and the Energy World.

If you are a practitioner or coach or someone who has a message or a way to help people and you want to get to the underlying beliefs and other causes, that have been holding you back, so you can fulfill your passion,


If you are needing the technical support to build the type of website and social media so your clients see themselves in your work,

You can apply to work with us.  We are taking applications for those who have a gift or mission or way to help people and who need help getting their message out to the world.   If you understand that some of that involves the inner work, clearing patterns, energies and beliefs in the subconscious and physical body so that you can reach the world as well as the tech work to build the right websites and social media,

If this sounds like you, then contact us and leave us your name and your story. What have you have been through and what are you daring to dream?

 We will get back to you so we can meet by phone or Skype and see if it’s a good fit for you and for us.

Here’s the contact page.   We look forward to meeting you!


Ralph Havens & Gabriel Miguel


Apply Here

Photo by Tamea Burd Photography


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