Disclosures Thrive Your LIfe



(1) Disclaimer Regarding Expectations of Results – Please be advised that due to the

nature of the products which Thrive your Life (TL) and Ralph Havens are selling,

there is no possibility of substantiating any claimed results made or supplying any

objective evidence, whether financial, business related, spiritual or otherwise. It can be

assumed that no results are to be expected as a result of one’s purchase of these products.

MMHM and Ralph Havens do not and cannot make any representations, promises or

guarantees of the effectiveness of his products. That being said, TL and Ralph Havens and his

associates, partners and affiliates firmly believe in the effectiveness of hard work and the

power of positive thought and that, more than anything, is what he is selling and

teaching. Ralph believes, that if you believe, anything can happen.

(2) Disclosure Regarding Endorsements and Testimonials – Some of the people

quoted throughout the website, whether consumers, celebrities, experts or otherwise, have

benefited in some way in return for their testimonial or endorsement of the product.

Most of the endorsements are simply unsolicited emails, calls or blogs from contented

customers but other endorsers have received free products, financial benefits, promotions

of their products by TL . . . Sessions and / or Ralph Havens in return for their

endorsement or other benefit in return for their statements. Often testimonials and

endorsements are posted by a seller of a product and afterward there is no further contact

between the endorser and the seller and no way for the seller to follow up with the

endorser; therefore, it is possible that some of the endorsers no longer have the same

opinion which they expressed previously. TL and Ralph Havens are taking actions to limit

this possibility and they shall, upon notice of any changes, immediately reflect any such

changes in their marketing materials.

(3) Disclosure Regarding Affiliates and Bloggers – Please note that there are many

people out there endorsing and blogging about TL and Ralph Havens’ products. Many, if

not all, of these people may be compensated in some way or may benefit from their

relationship to MMHM and Ralph Havens and his products. Any claims made by these affiliates

which are not likewise made in the materials on ralphhavens.com or other websites accessible

from ralphhavens.com or controlled by TL . . . Sessions or Ralph Havens cannot necessarily be

relied upon and are unauthorized by TL or Ralph Havens. TL and Ralph Havens and the

sites through which affiliates sell their products require that such parties are familiar with

the FTC requirements and such parties also acknowledge that they are not authorized to

make any claims or representations which are not authorized by MMHM or Ralph Havens.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of MMHM and Ralph Havens, it is extremely difficult to

follow up on every affiliate and every posting. If you as a consumer have any questions

about information being supplied by others, PLEASE contact TL or Ralph Havens directly.

(4) Disclosure Regarding Endorsements by TL and Ralph Havens – Please be

advised that there is a connection between the seller of the endorsed product and MMHM and / or Ralph Havens. The sellers of the endorsed products have either supplied the product

to MMHM or Ralph Havens free of charge or TL  or Ralph Havens receives a financial benefit or

other benefit as a result of promoting sales of such products. Such material connection

notwithstanding, TL  and Ralph Havens’ strict policy is to only endorse products which Ralph

Havens truly believes in.

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