Your Bonus Videos from actual Live Miracles Sessions

I have videos here which originally aired in June and July of 2017.  These are bonus video sessions for you now.

Even though these sessions were done Live for a group of people from all over the world in June and July of 2017 you can use them with great changes now for yourself.

Here’s how it works.  Make a mental note or write down what you most desire in your life.  What would your life look like having that?  And then ask a series of questions.

Ask yourself, “Why?”  Why do you want that life?  Why do you want that desired life?

And when you come up with the “Why” then take a moment and ask yourself, “Why do you want that?”  You can repeat this “Why?” question a few times.

What you’re looking for is your epiphanies.  The big “Why” The big reason you really want what you so desire.  This is usually something you will have gotten because you have your desired life and it is usually something quite cool.  Status?  Inclusion? Purpose?

Status: being thought of a certain way by friends, family, business people?

Inclusion: Being part of a family, a group, a tribe?

Purpose:  Having a big reason you’re doing what you do.  Doing something that makes a real difference in the world.

When you find that. Then you can let go . . . By that I mean quit thinking about it.

Now you can watch one of these videos.  Just sit back and give your undivided attention to it.  Turn of cell phone . . . really actually turn it off not just silence it.  Turn off your messaging and Skype and Factime and Facebook.  And watch these videos.  You can watch one on one day and the next one on the next day.  After the videos which can take you a week or more to go through notice what you notice that’s different in your world and your life. . .

Now, these videos may not make sense or seem pertinent to you or your situation.  But they are encoded with powerful technology that can change your life.  Change your life for the better . . .

Now sit back and enjoy and let me know what you notice and welcome to Miracles, Magic, Healing & more . . . Sessions.  Your monthly sessions with us . . . Truth Seekers and Freedom fighters!


Ralph Havens




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