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Resource Guide:   17 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Your Life Back!

How to get healthy by Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics practitioner

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 * Eating organic food.  No pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones in your food. 

 * No GMO’s in your food. Non GMO Project is a good source for information and labelling.

 * Avoiding Mercury ~ avoid mercury dental fillings.  Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet.  There is no safe amount of mercury exposure.

 * Vaccines ~ educate yourself on vaccines. Email me for much more information.  Avoiding the flu shot and any vaccines with mercury.  For a complete list of peer-reviewed medical journal studies, click here.

 * Check your home and office for mold and have it professionally removed.  Look for and repair all water leaks in your home and office.

 * Avoid Fluoride in your water, both the drinking and bathing water.  Consider living in a non-fluoridated area.  Ask your water utility whether or not they add fluoride to the water.  For more info contact me.

 * 100% Gluten Free eating.  Ask me for more information.

 * Corn and Soy Free and consider going grain low and using ancient grains that are sprouted and fermented to clear the phytic acid.  Ask me for more information.

 * Turn off cell phones and wifi when not needed.  Don’t sleep with wifi or cell phone on.  Use hardwired connections whenever possible. 

 * Avoid using any smelly laundry aids or hair products.  These contain endocrine disruptors. Use free and clear type laundry aids and detergents only and only natural ingredients in shampoos, conditioners, skin products and make-up.  Look for gluten in your hair and skin products and get versions that are gluten free.

 * Avoid anti-microbial soaps and wipes.  Bacterial balance is vital to life.  Simple washing of hands with regular soap and water is best and proven to be just as effective.

 * Avoid antibiotics whenever possible.  Biotics means life and anti life is not the way to health. 🙂

 * Avoid using any “Air Fresheners” in cars or sprays or plugins.  Endocrine disruptors.  This includes avoiding using essential oil diffusers.  They are powerful and just because they are natural doesn’t mean they are safe.  Simple regular air is healthy.  Scented air is not.

 * Lead is less of an issue today. But avoiding this is important.  Pipes in old houses may have lead and look for old paint especially if living with children or pregnant women.

* Drinking and bathing water.  Make sure you have filters that clear the chlorine and chloramines and fluoride out of your home’s water supply. is a great resource.

*  Avoid using processed foods and avoiding processed sugars.

*  Eating full fat grass fed animal products such as grass fed beef, pasture raised chickens, and wild caught salmon is a great way to get high quality vitamins, minerals and activators.

  Consider using a Nourishing Traditions version of eating.  Ancestral cuisine has thousands of years of success in “making perfect babies.”  You can go to and for more info or contact me for more information.

Photo by Tamea Burd Photography

Photo by Tamea Burd Photography

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