How running a 2:28 marathon when I was 30 taught me how to make money and change lives doing what I love doing.

How running a 2:28 marathon when I was 30 taught me how to make money and change lives doing what I love doing.

When I was in my late 20’s I hadn’t run a good time as a runner in years.  I was having a hard time getting back in shape and running at a high level.

I remember starting to train under a new coach in San Diego and he gave me specific things to do such as cutting back my mileage and starting at a more modest mileage. 

He also got me in his group and they were fast.  He said, “Ralphe, the group is what brings you along”.

I remember one run a 12 miler through Penesquitos Canyon in San Diego and I was running at a pace I just couldn’t hold. The group was so fast.

I fell flat on my face while going through a tiny puddle.  I think some part of me just wanted to take a rest.

And my coach who was a world class runner in his day and running with us said, “Ralphe you’re gonna be the Boss of this group someday.”

Those runs and that group were some of the funnest and physically challenging times of my life.  I dreamed running, dreamed I was a world class runner, actually shapeshifted into world class runners. 

I ran along feeling like I was these world class runners.  I did the work and lived the dream.

And I remember one 22 miler through hills and dirt trails something we did regularly and the last 10 k was 34 minutes, a 5:30 minute / mile pace.  Just a good solid effort on a training Sunday.

And as I was getting ready for my marathon, the Cal International in December of 1990, my coach said, “Ralphe you’re golden”.  I knew he was right. 

The group will bring you along.  I was doing the work they did, I was learning from them, I was one of them.

3 weeks before the marathon I ran a test race, a half marathon, the Long Beach half marathon.  And I only ran 1:12:00 a 5:30 pace run for 13.1 miles.  I was so depressed.  

My coach told me when he was training with Athletics West, the Nike club, he saw Jeff Wells and John Lodwick run 1:05 for a half marathon race 3 weeks before  they ran 2:10:00 for the full distance.  I believed him.

So on marathon day, I ran through the half marathon mark in 1:12:10.  5:30 pace and I still had a half marathon to go.

I ended up 2:28, a great personal record.  5:39 pace for 26.2 miles.

I learned something that day.  I just realized it this morning as I was preparing for my clients and my group session with clients this weekend.

I had already done the process I now use to help people get the lives of their dreams.

I saw who was already doing what I wanted to do.  I saw who were the experts.  I joined them.

I became one of them as I did the work they did.  I became one of them as I thought the way they thought.  I became one of them as I felt the way they felt.  I believed.  I knew…

I dreamed it, I saw it, I was it and I did the work as it.

And it worked!

Who do you want to be?  What is your desired life and lifestyle?  Who has already done that?

Who can you join so you can see that, feel that, dream that and actually be that?

How can you learn from them.  How can you model your life, your thoughts, your dreams and your actions to be like them?  To become your version of that.

How can you do this now?

There are people who already have what you want.  People who have already done that.  People who already have that and are living that.  You can be that now.

What would it feel like to be the version of you that already has achieved your desired life?  What would you be feeling, thinking, doing and being?

And who might you be doing that with?  Others who are already at that level.  Who already have that.  Who already train like that.  How might you train already being in that group?  What might you be doing?  You might start doing that now . . .

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p.s. this is what I use now and could have been titled,

“How I figured out how to do what I love doing  and making a good living doing it.   Something I learned when I was 30.”

Ralph Havens Runner

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