Full-Moon Practice

on April 28th Class

with Daniela & Federico

Full-Moon Practice.  We will host our first public Full-Moon session on Wednesday, April 28th from 6:45 – 9:00PM at www.MissionHillspt.com.

The Full Moon practice is a world-wide reunion of Zhineng | WH Qigong practitioners led by Dr. Pang’s voice as recorded at the Huaxia ZQ Training Center.

This is intended to generate an even stronger healing Qi Field to help strengthen and stabilize the WILL (Yishi) for transmission of health, joy and well-being. This practice will consist of an extended Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down session and will be the most challenging we have yet shared with you.  We have allowed for modifications as needed so that anyone can enjoy the benefits. You can use your regular class fee to attend.

928 Ft. Stockton Drive Suite 201
San Diego CA 92103

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