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Today we used a few surrogates for our donation based Matrix Energetics Distance session for everyone on our email list.  Please tell others about our weekly Good Things Happen on Thursdays Matrix Energetics sessions and if you feel called to exchange in abundance we appreciate your donations and referrals.  Here’s a link for that.  Click here   If you are not on the list. You can sign up on top of this page.


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So what is the difference between Fear and Excitement or Exhilaration?  What showed up was breathing! It showed up sort of laughing.  But the image I got was one of when I used to take Integrative Manual Therapy classes in San Francisco, California.  I wold stay with my friend Christine in Marin County and drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.  A few of our surrogates for today’s session were actually from Marin County so maybe that’s why it showed up that way.


So I love fog and trees and driving over the bridge each morning was exhilarating.  But another thing I noticed was it was a very very relaxed excitement.  The fog and trees and the bridge so beautiful put me in a super mellow relaxed state; we call that a parasympathetic state.  This is the state our bodies ideally use when we’re healing, sleeping, resting, happy, content; when life is good and there are no worries.  So this state was what I noticed along with the exhilaration of driving over the bridge about to come into one of the most exciting cities on Earth and about to learn really cool techniques; Integrative Manual Therapy and see my friends and get some treatments during practice time.


My girlfriend, now my wife Jen, used to tell me I always came back looking younger and rested.  Funny, because it was during a period in my life when I was very busy with a Physical Therapy practice.  I would leave late on Friday, fly up to Oakland, drive to Marin, and then take the class all weekend in San Francisco and then fly out Monday after class and be right back at work Tuesday morning bright and early.  It was exciting to be doing something big and doing stuff to help others heal.  We were working with 4 or 5 therapists and life was kicking!  Seems like a lot of stress but what I felt driving over that bridge and being in San Francisco was pure excitement and also supper relaxed.


So this is what showed up in our Matrix Energetics Session for everyone on our list today.  How do we get that state of parasympathetic mode and out of that pathetic state of life sucks or life is hard or “I’m under so much stress”?  The key is to get to the parasympathetic state first. That state of Bliss or utter relaxation but with alert aliveness of exhilaration and excitement.  From this Bliss state then we can co-create our realities with the infinite or the divine.


So Ok, how do we do all this?  Here’s what we’ve found that works.  First is to use magic.  We use Matrix Energetics to totally tune into a different reality.  I go to the Bliss state and access it with you.  From there I tune into the pattern you are dealing with and tune into a more useful reality.  We’ve seen miracles from this and it’s great to just get it done Now.  I did this for everyone on our email list today.


It’s also useful to have other technologies to help when the magic seems to be taking too long!  So from there we have Integrative Manual Therapy to find and fix problems in your joints, muscles, soft tissues, organs, blood vessels, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual stuff.  It’s an awesome method I studied for 10+ years with over 110 classes.


We may use QiGong exercises and forms which I’ve found much more useful than traditional physical therapy exercises; but we use whatever you need to give you specific tools to work with.


We look at nutrition and lean toward a Nourishing Traditions approach as we’ve found using the eating ways of indigenous people to make the most sense and we’ve seen miracles with this alone.


We are now using grounding tech to connect people to Earth which is a simple and powerful way to heal.


Each of these methods has given big shifts for people but we use them when someone wants or needs a more complete approach.  It’s been trans formative for us to use these techniques and methods and it’s great to be able to make a specific plan for our clients.


If you’d like to experience any or all of these methods just send me an email and we can talk about what you might need and how best to help you.  Having a plan specific for you is a great way to shift and heal.


And if you would like to be on the surrogate list for next week’s Thursday Matrix Energetics Sessions let us know.  If you’d like to donate for them, Jen and I appreciate it very much.


Let us know what you all notice that’s different after each Thursday session!




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