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1. Can you tell me about yourself and your work? Your background or trainings; anything you would want others to know.
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and phone number 360.599.2217
I’m a physical therapist trained and certified in Orthopedic P.T. as well as Integrative Manual Therapy and Matrix Energetics. I’ve studied with Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage therapists, Energy Workers and P.T.s

I use Matrix Energetics as a way to access the state or space of Grace to notice patterns in the field and notice how they shift while testing and re-testing what the client would like to change.

I do this over phone, Skype or in-person and have clients from Bellingham as well as worldwide.
here’s a link to some of the success stories


2. What do you call what you do? If you have methods it would be great to have your list of what you do.

Healing & Transformation using Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy, Qigong and Nourishing Traditions

3. Where a bouts do you do what you do? office, people’s homes, over Skype, phone, other.
in person in Deming and Bellingham as well as worldwide via phone and Skype

4. What would be the ideal client or clients for you? type of conditions you like to treat; types of clients you enjoy seeing.

Someone looking for shifting the cause of their condition. People who have been unhealed by the medical system or other healers, People with conditions that have left doctors and others unable to come up with a diagnosis or a why they have a particular condition.

someone looking to transform their life.

5. Are there certain clients you would rather not see or are there clients with certain conditions that should not be referred to you?

I feel if they call and schedule then there is a reason for them to see me. With the matrix energetics even severe conditions can have an energetics session over Skype or phone , even if they cannot travel to see me in person.
6. Is there anything else I should tell people about you or your work?

It’s fun and transformative and they should feel different and the world and their reality should be different during the session and as the days and weeks following a session go by,

we also do donation based sessions each Thursday if they join our newsletter email list here

and here is what my wife feels we do
Ralph Havensa



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