As Jen and I have noticed over the years of doing Matrix Energetics and helping people overcome physical, medical health issues and transform their lives in ways that continue to inspire and amaze us we have noticed some interesting things.

One that became apparent rather quickly was that when we accessed the Matrix Energetics state and saw our clients change and issues fix up, other people in their lives also changed and improved.  Many times when a client is here in the clinic with us and brings their friend or significant other, the other person also heals or changes or notices that they feel better.  We usually don’t tell them ahead of time to notice because we’re working with our client.  So for a spouse or friend of the client to speak up and let us know they feel better is a cool byproduct of us working with the client!

Jen and I also have done many demos of Matrix Energetics over the years for groups. We’ve been with doctors, their patient groups, various educational and civic groups, physical therapists, massage therapist groups and others.  And what we noticed is that when we work on someone in one of these groups, the people in the group have changes. This is reproducible and consistent so now when we do group demos we ask the audience to test something, like a pain or issue so that when the demo is Done, we can ask them again to re-check it.  Many people if not most people notice improvements.

We also have pre-physical therapy students who visit our clinic as part of their pre-physical therapy training and requirements and they also notice improvements once they are with us.  It’s really quite fun to watch them checking their own neck or hips or back ranges of motion or walking and starting to laugh at how they feel different; feel better.

One thing I’ve noticed is that we now, along with our in-clinic practice, have a growing Skype practice, where clients will schedule a time for us to meet over Skype.  We’ve communicated with people from all over the world but mostly from here in the U.S. so far.  What I’ve noticed is that by taking the physical person a bit away from me such as over the phone or Skype, I am left to notice the pattern more as it seems to be; an energetics phenomenon.  And as an energetic thing, it can shift quickly; even quicker sometimes than in person.

How can that be?  I’ve seen it to be true to me, over and over again and Jen has noticed it as well.  We’ve been taught by Richard Bartlett, Melissa Joy Jonsson, and Justice Bartlett how to do this in the Matrix Energetics Classes over the years.  So we see it, we know it to be true to us but how does it do that?

While no one ultimately knows; actually what do we know absolutely to be true?  We don’t even know where we are.  When you look where you are it’s always in relation to something else.  Like, I’m here on Earth.  But where is Earth?  It’s in the Milky Way so I’m in the Milky Way. But where is the Milky Way?  Here’s a cool video to just start us thinking When they talk about the various galaxies I get a sense of what else is out there and more important here is “so where am I really?”  If I don’t know even where I am what do I really know?  For me this is a useful place to play with Matrix Energetics.

But back again to how do people get better, change, transform, heal even if they are just in the same room or even if they are many miles away and I’m just Skyping with them?  Some of the physics of it is in Torsion Physics or Subtle Energy Physics.  From my understanding of these ideas, it’s the electrons of our body that are in a spin which releases photons or bio-photons since it’s from us and this spin is a torsion field that is the same as subtle energy or dark matter and is responsible for possibly how healing or transformation can happen at a distance.  These are ideas I learned from Matrix Energetics Seminars with Richard Bartlett. It’s all cool stuff but what interests me is how it can produce tangible changes, improvements, healing in people and even in people connected to them either in a group or in a family or who knows how they’re all connected!!!

So I want to share a Success Story from one of my clients who had one Skype session with me.  She wanted to fix up a lower back issue which she felt was a sacro-iliac joint issue (SI Joint).  There were other things she wanted to change but this was her most pressing issue when we did the Skype session.  Here’s her email to me a week or so after our session.  As you read it see how my client and her Dad and their connection may have shifted and if this can shift what else may shift in the days and weeks and even years to come?

If you’d like to have more info about skype sessions you can visit our website or email me directly at

and for more success stories visit the blog or our testimonials page

here’s the email from my client:


I have included a testimonial if you would like to use it. I really enjoyed our session. Since then, something interesting has happened. The SI joint pain I was having finally went away yesterday. I had associated it w/ my dad and have been doing a lot of Faster EFT (tapping) around the issue but it wasn’t changing. As soon as my dad called me, the pain disappeared.

Here is another part of her email to me:

“Ralph was very connected to my energy field, even though this was a Skype session. He was excellent at tracking certain things that were happening for me in my life. My heart space felt quite expanded and I physically felt much lighter. Having a Matrix Energetics session using Skype was fantastic because Ralph was actually able to guide me through some areas of pain and explain some exercises to me that could help with the pain. His ability to blend all his knowledge about the body with the field of Matrix Energetics will only help him assist clients even more. He has so much enthusiasm and passion for his work that I couldn’t help but feel it during our session. I would highly recommend stepping into the field of possibilities with Ralph and see what can transform!” ~ Brittany E.



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