What I want for Ben.


Today we’re heading out to meet with Ben’s first pre-school.  We found an amazing place with amazing people out here in the foothills of Mt. Baker National Forest in Washington.

It’s been quite a year and a half since we moved up to the pacific northwest.  Over two years since we set out on our adventure, looking for our home; where we were to live and do what we do.  Here’s a link of how we visualized it back then,

Over the years, with each step of my evolution in my physical therapy practice and in my journey, I’ve seen things come and go.  By things, I mean my  ideas around what I believe to be true or how the world works or what is important.

I started out as a physical therapist and had a fleeting thought that energy work would be cool to do with runners.  I believe that led me to Cranial Sacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and other more energetic techniques.

As I learned more and met Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD, I let go of those methods and embraced Integrative Manual Therapy.  It made more sense to me.  It had a bigger scope; a bigger lens to view the body and the world and I saw how if I found the primary problem and fixed that up, the client would heal faster and bigger, with a much bigger result.

I let go of old ways of thinking because it was no longer true to me.  It could still help people but I had stuff that worked better and was lined up more with how I saw reality.  With Integrative Manual Therapy, I found that there was a hierarchy of protection and if we found the primary problem, we could fix that up and the other stuff would heal on it’s own.

I then found Matrix Energetics and opened my eyes to a bigger picture; A perspective that included a wider view of the world and people.  The primary problem was no longer the right question for me.  I saw how Integrative Manual Therapy could still help but with a wider angle of perspective I could see more and my view of “reality” was more inclusive.  Also, more exclusive.

Along the way I was doing a lot of Wisdom Healing Qigong which goes through the body to experience the divine.  To experience reality.

Why am I writing about my process when I have a title of “What I want for Ben” ?

I’ve noticed that spiritual dissonance comes up when someone is doing something that does not line up with what they know in their heart to be true?

What is true, absolutely?  I am more and more realizing that maybe nothing I believe to be true is absolutely true.  And I notice a phenomenon.

When someone gets new information so that they now know something, they are responsible to themselves.  By that I mean, if you find out that you are in a job that is hurting people you might start to have some spiritual dissonance.

Did you know that there are now 100’s of thousands of children 0 to 3 years old on anti-depressants?  Now if you are working in the pharmaceutical industry and you truly believe the drugs help people; fine and dandy..

But, if you start to get information of the lies involved in that industry, you might start to have spiritual dissonance.  Something is not right anymore.  What you thought was true may no longer be true to you.

What to do with the info.  Well, you could do nothing.  But God might talk with you. There might be something that starts to eat at you.  I mean you could mask it or hide from it.  You could take more meds, alcohol, or vacations or play more gold or work more.

It is a choice and everyone has to at some time look at themselves in the mirror.

As we get ready to go to Ben’s first pre-school out by the mountains and forest; what I want for Ben;

I want Ben to see for himself and to see what is true to him.  I want him to be able to question everything.

To question the true nature of reality.  What is really here and how do I want to play?

I feel the best way I can be part of this is to be congruent with what I truly am.



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