hi everyone!

I hope everyone is staying inside while these fires get cleared out.  It’s important to keep those lungs healthy.  Lungs are are good way to connect with the joy of Life.
If you might like more info on this please let me know.
Ways to connect with me and Matrix Energetics are coming up this week.
I’ll be doing a talk & demo of matrix energetics and how I use it with Integrative Manual Therapy and Qigong to shift conditions. 
If you have a condition that has been un-helped in the past, and you might be interested in a different way to look at conditions and healing, join us. Here’s the info. It’s this coming up Friday at 1 pm.  Here’s the link
This next Sunday at 12 noon pacific time, I’ll be doing our Online ~ Streaming Healing & Transformation Session. 
 We had people from all over the world at our last one a month ago and had a great response. If you or anyone you know anywhere in the world has a condition they would like to shift or change or any reality they might like to transform you might want to share this with them.
 And even if you’re in town, it’s a great way to have a matrix energetics session right in your own home!  Join us this Sunday.
And in case you haven’t heard yet,
We have moved our office to Bellingham!  We are now located in the Massage Works offices at 1316 King Street, suite 3 in Bellingham, WA 98229  .
 If there is a condition or situation you’d like to  shift, change, heal or transform and might like my help call or email me and we can set that up for you. Here’s a link to it
here’s a pic for you
hope to see you soon in person or online!
Ralph *

Healing & Transformation in Bellingham, WA and worldwide via phone and Skype *

Healing & Transformation in Bellingham, WA and worldwide via phone and Skype *



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