Wanda’s Story


Message from a client, who was traveling through the Pacific Northwest and had a couple of sessions about 2 weeks apart last summer.

Wanda’s Story

Oct. 22nd 2016 

I had 2 sessions with Ralph during a 2 week vacation to the Pacific Northwest.  It was like having my very own Gentle Wise Wizard!

During and after the sessions, things shifted.  Stuff was gone that I didn’t need any more and I was glad to give them a one way passport to extinction!

Pain I had in my back (for 20 years) when sitting in those dratted airplane seats…Poof! Gone!  Bye Bye….thanks for the lessons.

Food allergies and sensitivities to even good healthy food…..markedly better.  More choices!  Happy Body!  Happy taste buds!

Anger toward my Mom for feeding me very unhealthy food when I was a child………transmuted to understanding, and Love.

Brain fog when around synthetic perfume, and discomfort when I was around those who wore it:  Done!  Hello brain!  I didn’t really realize this until 3 weeks after the sessions with Ralph.  I was standing next to a woman at a party and I realized I thought her perfume smelled nice… and I was thinking clearly and feeling great!  This has been an issue for me for over 30 years!

After the first session with Ralph, I could comfortably be in a new rental car with chemical smells without the mask I was previously wearing in the car

Prior to seeing Ralph, I was having knee pain. My husband and I went on 17 hikes during the 2 week vacation.  I had virtually no knee pain!  Only 2 times I had a ‘tweak’ of pain for about a second.  

I’m amazed and grateful for these shifts in my life!  I was already doing many things to improve my health and well-being.  I feel that having those sessions with Ralph was a key element in having more emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health and happiness in my life.

Thank you Ralph!

Wanda Honeycutt

San Diego, CA




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