This email was sent to me from my good friend about camping vs. running but I thought it was an amazing metaphor for life.  Here it is:

backpacking is nearly the ultimate trail run.  Possibly the only more ultimate is the 50/100 milers.

Its not just driving your car somewhere and setting up next to some screaming kids in an RV.  It can be hard work, easily comparible to trail running,

and only a select few have the drive or the sense of wonder to do it.  You can take anything you want but you have to carry it.  You may get bit up by mosquitos, lost, cold…but you get to see and experience things that few see.  As much solitude as you like.  Everyone on the trail is your friend.  A closeness to the world that is hard to describe.  It definitely changes you.  By the end of a trip, I am always much more grounded, in touch, and maybe compact is the best way to put it.




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