We are truth seekers.   We are freedom fighters

We don’t go with the “standards of care” when they are not based in actual science.

We don’t accept “usual predictors of outcome”

We believe medical consent should be a cornerstone of our care.  No one should have the right to mandate a drug or vaccine to another human being, especially a child.

We are miracles

We use ancient wisdom and energy

We use advanced technologies which can appear as magic to others,

but to us give real world results.

We get to the root cause of conditions and not just cover up symptoms.

We get to the root cause

getting our health back,

our lives back

our freedom

We’re truth seekers and freedom fighters.

We don’t believe in medications and vaccines as a way to health.

We believe in our own body’s inherent healing abilities and our spirit and energy.

We thrive on all levels and follow our own destiny,

Our True Nature.

We use ancient and modern techniques and methods that are based in true science  . . . based in truth.

We are Truth Seekers and Freedom Fighters.

Jen and I are looking for your help.  We are what to call our tribe, all of us.  What we believe in and wha we do.  So we’d like your help.  Can you let us know what you would call us . . . all of us . . . You!

What word or phrase describes our tribe?  What do we believe and how do we view life and our health?  What do we stand for and is there anything we’re looking to change or create in the world.

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are.  Email us or leave a  comment and let us know what you think and feel.

Jen and I have some big plans . . . ways to help the world and especially the children.  I’m letting you in on it now. I feel it’s time to let you know.

Over my 32 years of doing this work, I’ve found what works to help people get to the root cause of chronic and mysterious conditions and how to get true health back . . . to get lives back . . . freedom.  And as you might guess it there are many factors that can make a real difference.

Jen and I want to bring this information, some indigenous and ancient wisdom and some cutting edge technologies and energy ways to help people thrive.  We’re going to be bringing this to the world in a big way starting with the children.

Here’s some but not all of the components we’re using with clients and look to use with the world’s children.

  •  Ancestral ways of eating that Weston A. Price found in the 1930’s after studying indigenous peoples from all over the world.
  • Clean water free of toxins and fluoride-free.
  • Clean food, organic and non-GMO.
  • Clean air free of phylates and other toxic scents.
  • Real vaccine safety studies and the truth about the CDC and vaccines made public.  The work of Robert Kennedy Jr. and others.

This is a short list.  We have an expanded list and are looking to get this out to the world.  Starting with a way for children to have access to at least one Nourishing Traditions meal a day.  This is what Weston A. Price found effective to reversing tooth decay and improving the health of children.  We’d like to see this as a reality for children from all over the world.  A big task but I know once the right people know what can be done it will snowball and we’ll be off and running.

More to come,


Ralph Havens




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