How To Get Over Chronic Pain, Running & Sports Injuries and Autoimmune Conditions,

Even If you’ve already tried everything else…..

Ralph & Jen Havens
Beyond Limits Physical Therapy

Bellingham, WA

By Getting To The Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Blocks to Healing

A Truly Unique Way To Look At Healing

True Healing with Integrative Manual Therapy

by Ralph Havens PT IMTC, physical therapist Bellingham, WA

Are you dealing with a chronic or mysterious condition?  Something doctors don’t have answers for…..

Chronic Pains, Running & Sports Injuries, Autoimmune conditions…?

Have you tried many doctors and practitioner, who give some results, but not full and lasting healing?….

Here’s what I’ve found that is the key to true healing.

My name is Ralph Havens and I’m a physical therapist and integrative manual therapist who has solved serious health challenges for myself including a severe anxiety issue which had me literally sweating in my hands and feet and entire body for the first 37 years of my life….

I found my answer…. I healed and I no longer have anxiety or sweaty hands.  I have healed my heart, my bones and some conditions that worried doctors because it could have been a serious diagnosis.

I solved 2 significant running injuries and got my running back.  I am 65 years old now and run healthy and happy in the trails of the pacific northwest here in Bellingham and Fairhaven Washington.

Over these 39 years of doing healing work, I’ve now guided and help thousands of people heal from all those conditions I mentioned earlier.

Here’s what I’ve found that is the key.

The key is that there is a reason your body is having the conditions and pains and problems it has.  Your body is not just doing it willy nilly.

And what is going on is your body is protecting You.

Like when I had a calf spasm that wouldn’t let me run for 8 months.  When I found that my body had been protecting my heart and blood vessels I did the healing for this and within 2 days I was back to running…

The key is to find your key.  What is your body protecting you from?

It can be physical like in my case with my running.

It can also be deep mental and emotional anguish from something that happened many years earlier.  Like when a client had a serious ankle and foot injury that caused this client to fall every day… a few times a day.

We found the key in this case was a deep emotional and mental anguish from a car accident decades earlier.  We did the healing to correct that and she didn’t have the falling or ankle issue anymore.

Another example is a client who came to me with severe head, neck and back pain 2 years duration after a car accident.  What we found was a spiritual pain, deep heart and lung sadness and grief.

Clearing this our client healed and got rid of headaches, neck and back pain.  6 months later checking in with her, she was still pain-free and feeling good about life and the future.

I could go on and on and our success story link has many more examples of how the body can heal if you just find out what the body is protecting you from and solving that.

With Integrative Manual Therapy and the other methods and processes I use, we can “Map” your body (and this can even be done over a distance healing session over the internet) and I can find what it is your body is protecting you from and get you the plan to help you heal.

If this way of thinking about your body makes sense and you have an issue or condition that has not been helped,  reach out to me and I can take a look and do a Mapping for you.

From there if I can help you, I will let you know and if you like, we can schedule your own individual IMT healing sessions and help you heal.

Here’s the link for the success stories of others and a video message from me.  There’s also the link to book a time to meet with me.

Our mission is to help heal ourselves and heal the world…. So you can live… really live your life.  So please share this message of true healing with anyone who could use this sort of healing help.


Ralph Havens PT IMTC

Physical Therapist Bellingham, WA and worldwide via Zoom.



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