If something were to change right now for you, what might that be?   If there was something to heal or transform for you now, what might that be?   Notice what’s different after reading this article….

What is True Healing?

If you were to transform what might you be?  What are you here to do?

Telos:  an ultimate aim or objective,  what you are meant to be.   An acorn’s telos is to be an oak tree.

That is what it is here to be.   What are you here to be?  What is your Telos?

And what does physics or science have to do with Healing and Transformation?

I was new to Bellingham, Washington back in October of 2013.  We arrived from San Diego in our truck with our tent after camping all summer around Portland and Oregon looking for where we were to live.   We knew we had to leave San Diego and California but we just didn’t know where to live; where to be?  More on the whys of that another time.

I had found my new running group and was running amazing trails in Bellingham.  One of the runners is a school teacher and she told me her school was having science night and I could come and have a booth.  The theme was How I use Science in my Occupation.

Funny;  Occupation: Occupy…… do you really want to be occupied by your job?  What constraints are you under in order to be part of your occupation?

So of course I jumped at this chance.  I love doing demos of our work and this would be awesome.  But how to do it?

Usually in my talks and demos of what I do and how I do it, I take a participant up on stage and do a session for them; to help them heal and transform.   But I couldn’t do that with high school students.  There was the parental consent.  I would’t want someone doing a treatment on my child without my consent.

So then I realized….   The field or the space of what we’re all in can do it and I set up a rule set.

so here’s where it gets spooky; what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”.

I want you all to test something.  If something were to change for you right now; and I mean anything and everything you want; what might that be?  Think about it a moment….   Now get that.  Set it as an intention and then quit thinking about it.

Ok, now,  can you test it right now?  By that I mean if it’s a back pain or other pain or condition to get rid of can you test it now?  That way you can re-test it right after you read this again and see what’s different.  Go ahead and move your arms and legs and your back and neck or what ever you need to do to test your condition.

If it’s something like finances or a relationship or lack of a relationship thing then you can test it out over time and see what is different the rest of the day and week.

What do you notice that ’s different after reading this?

Ok,  so back to the high school Science Fair *  So I made a rule set.  I decided that whenever anyone reads the paper I wrote for the Science Fair, they would have massive change, massive transformation on all levels for them and anyone they were connected with.  I wouldn’t have to do anything.  There would be no “treatment” involved.     So I wrote this article. https://www.ralphhavens.com/2014/04/23/notice-how-you-feel-before-and-after-reading-this-message-what-does-physics-have-to-do-with-your-healing-and-abundance/

And I sat at my table at the Science Fair.

The kids were to visit the tables and get a stamp so they could collect them as part of their assignment.  So I had them coming around and some adults too.  It was a big fair and it’s a great high school with great kids. I had a blast hanging out with them.

And as they sat there, I told them to test something; anything.  Like how their shoulders moved or their arms or neck or back or to walk around first; bend or test something.   If something could change right now what might that be? *   And I sat there.

And after they read the article, they re-tested…..   And that’s when it got interesting.  They changed!  They moved better.  Aches and pains were no longer there.  They got excited.  They brought their friends over to my table.   It was pure magic.  People were changing, healing, transforming.

What does physics have to do with healing?  Here’s that article I wrote https://www.ralphhavens.com/2014/04/23/notice-how-you-feel-before-and-after-reading-this-message-what-does-physics-have-to-do-with-your-healing-and-abundance/

You’ve been told how the world works.  You’ve taken the classes and studied and worked hard to do what you do.  You have ideas on how the world works and how you’re supposed to be and interact with the world.  You’ve done a lot to get ahead.  You are doing this now.  You do this now.

You might want to notice how you are different now since reading this.  Retest what you tested before reading this.

If you were to let go of what you think is possible or impossible even for a moment right now, what might you notice?  What might you notice that’s different.   Let me know.

I love hearing the stories.  For stories of what others have noticed with this stuff. https://www.ralphhavens.com/transformation-with-matrix-energetics/

What is true Healing?  What is true Transformation?

If you were to line up with your True Heart’s Desires, what might you be?   What is your Telos?

If you might like to contact me, I’d love to hear what you noticed and what you noticed that’s different. RalphHavensPT@gmail.com *

Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype



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