We’ve been having some great changes and fun times helping people transform  their lives by transforming their space.  Using Matrix Energetics Consciousness Technology we help people with transformation.  How do we “do” this?  It’s really not about “doing” but about something totally different.  It’s easier to experience than understand with words but this story of Taoist Priests is a useful one to describe what is possibly going on.

We don’t fully understand how it works but we see the results in observable, and reproducible ways.  It’s kinda like, I don’t know how my computer downloads emails and songs and video but I can still use it in specific ways.  here’s a link describing it.


I did about 5 miles in about an hour
73 deg now,
the dream lives
watched some videos of Mo and Galan from London
hey man,
find us some people looking to use Energy to shift life, abundance stuff.
you know the Nancy Reagan types!
here’s the link of what we’ve been doing here in SD
I want to do it in Vancouver and Portland too
here’s the link
spread it around
I’ll message you on FB too



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