By Ralph Havens 


Charting Your Course >> Determine what Your Ideal Lifestyle would look like to you.  What would Thriving Your Life Look like >> Now imagine that and Feel it >> Now If you were to have that Life for 3 years, Now what might you want?  Imagine That…  And Feel that.  Now having that for 3 additional years, ask yourself, “what do you want now?”  Repeat this exercise until you feel what You Truly Want.  What Thriving Your Life would feel like and look like and be like for you.  Now take that image and imagine it’s a small pebble and drop it from your head and let it fall below your feet as if into a pool of water and let go.  Feel what you feel and notice what you notice.  And go to this feeling state each evening before bedtime to set your energy in tune with the frequency of your desired life,  your Thriving Your Life lifestyle.


With the energy of your Thriving Your Life, you can use The Gift . . . something that cannot be taken away from you. One of the secrets of Thriving Your Life.  Imagine having that life.  You can imagine anything you like.  You can choose to imagine Thriving Your Life.  Feel what it feels like already having that.  Think the thoughts of the version of you who already has this Thriving Your life.  Use your tenacity to do this throughout the day and ignore the “facts” to use your mindset to tune into the energy of Thriving Your Life.


Doing specific things, in the physical world, that are key to getting your health back and feeling the Thriving Your Life way of living.  Here are some simple and very powerful things to do.  Eating 100% gluten free is key to solving chronic conditions.  100% Organic eating is key.  There is much more you can do but if you do these two things and use a 100% gluten free eating plan you can notice big changes in your health. 


What is Your Passion?  The thing you would do even if you didn’t make money doing it.  The thing you geek out about and talk to others about and think about all the time… What is that?  What is your SuperPower?  What skills do you have that would seem impossible to other people.  What transformation would someone have if you showed them what you know or worked with them using your SuperPower?  How might someone’s life be transformed because of them working with you?  Look for a match.  Where your superpower can help someone get the transformation they truly desire.  Who are those people you can help?  Now, what product could be your way to make money while helping those people?  And you can do the math and get an idea how much you would have to sell in order to get the amount of money that would be awesome for you.  Now what skills do you still need to get, in order to do this?  Now, who has already done what you want to do … what you want to be?  Who can you learn from or work with that can help you get there.  To make money using your SuperPower and help others transform, so they exchange money gladly…How might that feel?  Feel that, imagine that, think that and then do what you found as your way to make money doing what you love!  You can do the work now that you are clear and know what you want and how to get there!


Go back to the first section, Energy and Mindset and look at What Thriving Your Life would look like for you.  Now ask yourself, “why do you want that?”  You can sit with it awhile and go deep and see why it is you want that life.  >>  Now, when you get the “why”.  You can ask again, “why do you want that?”  The new “Why”.  And go through this a few times.  Each time you get the “Why”.  Sit with it a bit and then ask why you would want that.   This can lead to the “Big Why”.  Why you are really doing what you do and what really inspires you and can get you up in the morning.  To stop procrastinating and do what you are here to do.  Your true meaning.  Once you find that.  You can go through this entire sequence again and go deep to be clear of what your true meaning is. 

One last key!

Once you use this Template, you can start to get inspired actions.  Things and ideas can come to you.  The key now is to do them right away.  Don’t hesitate.  The universe loves speed.  And by acting immediately on the epiphanies and inspired actions, you show the universe you’re “All In”.  This gets the ball rolling and you get the next inspired action step to do. 

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Ralph Havens

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