Today in my morning set up of my day, qigong, matrix energetics, meditation, walk….

I was putting my hands on a tree and dropping into my heart space and noticing from a space of neutrality.  Then I asked some questions of the tree in the forest by our home here in Bellingham, Washington.

As I was asking the questions I kept noticing with my eyes, ears, thoughts, sensations and smell and taste.  What I got was interesting. I asked the tree what it did for fun.  I got that up in the canopy with the leaves getting the sunlight was like me and Jen and Ben going to the Co-Op for food.  It was fun times; party time.

I asked a lot more questions and felt the answers.  As I was doing this I also asked some open ended questions.  What would it be like to talk with the tree as a dear friend.  Some one I’d want to spend time with and hear all about what was going on.  I did the same with the earth and the stream by our house and the wind and the wolves.  What I got was what would it be like if these were my teachers.

I’ve been looking to teachers a long time and learning a lot.  Today I got that my teachers may be different than that.  It was quite an amazing experience.

We met with an intuitive last night at the Bellingham Institute of Noetic Science named Joanna Schmidt. It was way cool and I”m gonna play with it and keep dropping into my heart space and asking questions and getting to know the beings around me, including the plants and animals and earth.



thanks Curt and Mary for these meetings.



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