some thoughts about over traininig


after reading through this article about an ultra racers experience of DNF

Ralph Havens I’ve seen this before as well. I feel it may be related to the kidneys. The kidneys and adrenals need to recharge. many things we do as endurance runners use kidney chi or energy. Hard Training, Frequent all out Racing, high altitude tents for sleeping, excessive coffee use, rigorous hot yoga, gym workouts, spinning classes etc etc. stress; a go go go never rest type lifestyle etc, A key may be to find activities and ways to recharge. Sleep is important. and hard / easy system of training is important. Also cycles of hard training, tapering, racing, resting , more resting and then rebuild. many times a runner on top wants to keep racing and training and never takes a break.. The kidneys / adrenal system can only do that for so long before it’s a done deal. Hard / Easy and periodization of training as well as very good nutrition and sleep may hold some answers for long term running. Having a system that rebuilds kidney chi or energy may beuseful such as Qigong Ralph Havens ***





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