As a PT I have been finding more and more that almost every patient I treat has some dysfunction in his or her pelvis. Whether the symptom is headaches, back pain, or shoulder pain, I always look at the pelvis and more often than not find that the pelvis is out of alignment. This makes so much sense to me because the pelvis is really the “base” of the body. Everything is connected to it in one way or another. If the pelvis is not lined up, the body must compensate somewhere, and that is often where the symptoms manifest!

It is pretty amazing the changes I have seen by treating the pelvis first. Huge changes in range of motion all over the body, and often significant pain reduction. I highly recommend to any body worker that you investigate the pelvis first, and to all people having body pain, suggest to your therapist or body worker that they look at your pelvic alignment!

Signing off _______Danielle Emhof, MPT
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