I just got a great email from someone on the Thursday Free / Donation based Matrix Energetics Distance sessions we do for everyone on our email list each Thursday at 8:30 am.   It has to do with business and financial abundance and wanted to share it with everyone.  If you’d like to be included in these sessions or know someone who could use our help, you can sign up for our newsletters to be included.   Here’s the email I just got!    Ralph Havens


Meeting went great.  I had cheering on from friends before my meeting encouraging me to just be myself – do what I do best and charm them over.  So from this stand point I was the one in the middle being cheered on, but during the meeting I felt roles reverse and I was cheering on the person trying to help me into Whole Foods and my business partner.  So very similar to our session, each one of was in the middle of the circle at one point or another all cheering each on.  This is the way I think my life works best and why I love connecting people.  Each time I connect one friend to another for everyone to offer their services, each person gets cheered on and gets to show their talents.
Back to Whole Foods – must have gone well.  We have another meeting set up for the 9th to talk money.  They love our product and it totally meets Whole Foods standards.  Which I knew it would because I eat a really clean diet and eat even above Whole Foods diet standards!
Feel free to share my story if you want but just exclude all names.



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