Success Stories from the online ~ streaming Group Healing & Transformation sessions.  Once a month we have people from all over the world online and use the Matrix Energetics technology of Distance Healing to access the state of Grace and notice the miracles.  


It’s a way to shift, heal, change, transform.


How can I change, shift or think differently, so that my life will shift? .

 I I were to  think differently and approach situations from different angles, what might show up?

I I were to take action, what might I do?

 If I were to notice and be open to shifts, changes and evolvement within myself, what might surprise me?


we’ll include people’s experiences on this page.  And if you might like to join us for the next Matrix Energetics Healing & Transformation Session ~ online and streaming.  check it out here.

Good morning, Ralph!

A follow up to noticing what I have been noticing since the online session…..

Attracting like-minded clients
2 clients called me for energy work – NOT massage.

Rhythm and rest
My swimming and bike riding now have more cadence and strength.

Scoliosis straightening
“Directed” to do Ai Chi in the pool each day, I spent an extra 30 min. working on
moves that opened and expanded my upper body. I listened to the “cracking” of
the vertebrae and continued softly into the motion that brought it to surface until
sound and the “hitch” disappeared.

Overall, I’m concentrated on heart opening and opening spine to sky and earth.

Nice! Week 1 done!



Here’s a video of a book about a girl and a heart.



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