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“The term sea-change is therefore often used to mean a metamorphosis or alteration.  For example, a literary character may transform over time into a better person after undergoing various trials or tragedies”
“The term originally appears in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest in a song sung by a supernatural spirit, Ariel, to Ferdinand, a prince of Naples, after Ferdinand’s father’s apparent death by drowning:” (Wikipedia)
How do you make a change?  A change so profound, it’s an actual metamorphosis?
You know it can take a lot to change. . .
Even when someone is faced with a dire circumstance . . . sometimes it’s just  hard to make the decision to change . . .
so many people tell me they want . . . they need a change . . .
You know . . . their health, their money, their love . . . . their life.
There’s been times in my life.  I think I’m just lucky or something.  When I find my next technique or method or way to shift stuff.  To make things better.  To heal or transform myself and my family and clients.
Yesterday we got great news that someone who was a surrogate a few months ago is doing very well.  The doctors are unable to find any signs of what was a very serious condition.
I feel blessed to be able to do the work I do and do my part in whatever this is really all about.
And a few times in the past 32 years of doing this work, I’ve found methods that are a sea change in how I do things.
Working with the medical intuitive for 10 years, learning how to use Matrix Energetics and there have been others as well.
And a few months ago I found another one.
So many people as they’ve gotten their health back ask me for more help.  They want a bigger life.  And the money is part of it many times.
As many of you know we had some big issues with money and our life a few years ago.  Literally backed into a corner.  And the stuff I found helped turn it around.
Well a few months ago I found another way to make big changes in all areas including  money abundance.
It’s a new skill.  It’s something we all can do.  But it’s a new skill.  I’m gonna be using it in this Sunday’s Miracles, Magic, Healing & More . . . Session.
This is actually a bonus session for those of you with me for the Miracles Sessions.
I want to get this to anyone who is ready for a sea change for themselves and their families.
So if you are interested in this, here’s how you can get a full month of the Miracles, Magic, Healing & More . . . Sessions with this bonus session included.  And you can do this for FREE for the first month.
The details of how to do this are here:
I believe success is inevitable if you do the work.  But having the work that actually works is key.  I am finding this is one of those things that works.  I hope you join us Sunday!
p.s. to join us for FREE for this bonus session with the Miracles Sessions you can do this here. LINK



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