Simple Self-Treatment technique to clear up Headaches, by Ralph Havens, PT of Bellingham, WA

What would it be like to have a way to get rid of headaches with a 1 to 2 minute technique?

I found this simple technique to get rid of headaches years ago while taking a Physical Therapy class from a physical therapist named Brian Mulligan.  I’ve been using it ever since then and many times it can fix up a headache in a minute or so.  Practicing now in Bellingham, Washington, now many years after learning this technique, I still use it and find it a great tool to show clients because they can do it for themselves. I want to show it to you so you can fix up your headaches.

Before I tell you about it, I would recommend you see a healthcare professional such as a medical doctor if you have a new onset of severe headaches or headaches that have been unsolved for weeks.  If your headaches are accompanied by nausea or ringing in the ears or blurry vision again, I would recommend you see a doctor.  And lastly if during the use of this technique of you experience light headedness or dizziness or changes in vision, stop doing the technique.

It’s really a simple technique that works to clear up tension headaches which are partly caused by increased muscular tension in the sub-occipital muscles; the muscles just below the base of the head in the back by the neck.

Here it is:

Take your finger and palpate or feel for a bone just below the base of the head.  The big bone you feel in your spine is actually the C 2 vertebrae.  C 1 is above it but C1 does not have a big protuberance so it’s harder to palpate.

Once you feel C 2 then take your middle finger and place it across C 2 boney protuberance which is called the spinous process.  Then place your other hand’s middle finger across the first hand’s middle finger so that each middle finger is on top of each other and on the C 2 spinous process.   It’s really a lot of words for something that is very simple.

One middle finger goes on the C 2 spinous process and the other middle finger goes on the first hand’s middle finger.  Now bring your elbows somewhat toward the front having each arm along side each side of your head.

Maintain that position.  Now, gently tuck your shin in toward your throat.  A gentle Chin Tuck movement while you keep the pressure on the C 2 with your middle fingers.  You will feel C 2 spinous process push into your middle fingers.

Hold that chin tuck and the middle fingers on the C 2 spinous process for 20 seconds.  Relax while maintaining the fingers on the C 2 spinous process.  Then repeat the 20 seconds chin tuck position for 2 or 3 more repetitions.

Now let go and notice what happened to the headache!  Most times in cases of tension headaches, this will clear it up completely.  If you are much better but still have a bit of a headache you can repeat the above process one more time.

You may want to do this a couple times over the day but I would not recommend doing it over and over again. When this works, which is very often, it should only take one or two sessions of the 3 by 20 second chin tuck,

You know you’re obviously serious about your health and getting to the root cause of headaches. You’ve read thru this article and are committed to finding answers for yourself.   You already do this now.

There are ways to get well and live a healthy life and lifestyle.  You might want to consider getting to the root cause of other conditions, pains or issues by setting up a time for a one-on-one session so you can get out of pain and on with what you are meant to do with life.  At the very least email me or call me and I can give you more ideas and ways to fix up your body.


Try it and let me know how it goes.

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC


P.S.  Try the simple exercise above.  It’s a simple technique of putting a finger on the C 2 bone of the neck and then doing and holding a chin tuck position for 3 reps of 20 seconds each.  Read above exactly how to do it and let me know what you notice!  And call or email me for more ways to fix yourself up!

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