When you lose everything………..

My friend and colleague Danielle Emhof, once said to me, “We don’t know why people come to us”.  I instantly knew what she meant.  Over the time we’ve been practicing Energy Healing with our clients, we’ve noticed big shifts, changes, improvements, healing, transformations on all levels and clearing and improving of all sorts of health conditions.  What we’ve also noticed is that what people come in for initially, for example a frozen painful shoulder, may fix up but along the way they could have other more magical and unexpected changes; for example in the case of the woman with the frozen shoulder; This particular client told me that she was so happy to have had her frozen shoulder because if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have come in and had all the other changes; She reported that her husband (who we hadn’t treated at that point) no longer yelled at her! Also, longstanding hand and feet numbness no longer bothered her and she had a sense of peace for the first time that she could could remember.  As Danielle said, we don’t have any idea why people show up at our door.

As we’ve been playing in the field of unlimited potential, which is what I’d basically describe Matrix Energetics to be, we’ve noticed so many things too.  One big one for us was more and more I felt a deep desire welling up in me to let go of a lot of “things”.  It was like I was ready to “lose everything”.  I felt a burning desire to follow my desires; the desires that have been with me a long time; some of them that don’t make sense if you think about it in a material world view; but that none the less stay with me; those desires.

I made a list of my desires which included how I love to work and play in the Matrix Energetics field of possibilities, how I love to help clients find their own way out of “problems” and line up more with their desires, how I love to run on trails in various parts of North America, how I love helping runners with our dvd’s, book, and private sessions, how I love to do talks and demos of our energy work, how I love to read, research, and play with quantum physics, matrix energetics, enlightenment, and running, how I love hanging out in organic coffee shops (this goes well with all of the above! sometimes I think enlightenment is all about having coffee with my friends!), how I love running with my friends and running on my own and how I love taking classes in all of the above.

Some of these desires might make sense in the material world such as working with clients or having our running dvd’s and book while others may make no sense at all such as hanging out at coffee shops, doing nothing.  But they’re my desires and as I’ve noticed, over the time I’ve been playing in this field of  unlimited possibilities, is that when I line up with my desires; when I play in that arena and stay true to my inner desires something happens.   Something that brings me back to the title of this post;  “Satsang vs. Therapy“, and to the idea of us not knowing why someone shows up at my door for “treatment”.

What I’ve noticed is that when I view someone as having a problem, a condition or needing to be fixed, I don’t see as many transformative instantaneous changes.  I have to work at fixing their condition and helping them with their problem.  This is what I’d view the standard Therapy model to be.  It’s basically looking at everything that needs changing or fixing and then working as a team to fix it.  Sounds good but I’ve found it to be quite limiting especially when I compare it to Satsang.

My idea of Satsang is that there is nothing to “fix” when someone comes in; Now you might think that sounds cruel or making light of serious conditions people have, but what I’ve noticed is that if I let go of needing to “fix” someone or “change” someone, I can go to the place where I’ve lost “everything”; I can drop to the “No Thing” place or the infinite space.  From that place and I’ll explain that place a bit more, I can ask a simple question (and there’s many questions such as these I could ask), “what would it be like if I could notice the space, or the silence that already is?” And if I can notice the space or silence then what is it that is actually noticing?

From this place, the silence or space that already is, now I have noticed that the truth shows up; it actually never wasn’t there or here; but we (me and the client) start to notice it. From this place, the client can line up with their desires, their innermost heart desires; the desires that don’t seem to go away; the ones that don’t always “make sense”; those desires.

From this place change, transformation, healing has already happened; it never wasn’t there or here. From this place I’ve noticed that people’s pains, conditions, issues shift, change, improve, sometimes go away as if they’ve never been there.  But interestingly enough, what the client has “come in to fix” can seem less important.  Yes, it’s still nice that they don’t notice it or have it anymore, but something more important has shown up; something that never wasn’t there all along. This space or silence, that is at the same time magical and at the same time familiar; like going home.

So with our “work” I feel we’re offering Satsang which is defined as “listening, talking about, and assimilating the truth” and what I’ve noticed is that when I pay attention to my desires and notice that space or silence that is always here, clients’ conditions improve; many times quickly and beyond usual predictors of outcome but also, they notice something that seems to show up for them that is more valuable; something they’ve been looking for, for a long time; and as it turns out it feels more like what they’ve been searching for than other “things” they’ve wanted.  In short they can start lining up with their deepest desires.

Ralph Havens

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