Shifting your reality and creating better health and a more ideal scene for yourself *

Our last newsletter mentioned some powerful Reality Creation techniques and Qigong exercises which we use together to get healthier, happier and create more useful realities for ourselves and for our clients.

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 I am sharing the links so that you can access these techniques and improve your health and life.


The Dive exercise is a Reality Creation exercise from Fred Dodson, one of our favorite teachers. In this exercise Fred takes you through a powerful meditation and intention to install a new and more useful Reality for yourself.  In his exercise he talks about how Bliss is not a result of this exercise but instead Bliss is a prerequisite for this to work.

So I am also including a very powerful Wisdom Healing Qigong exercise that our teacher Ming Tong Gu taught us. This pelvis exercise opens up the pelvis and 1st and 2nd Chakras. Doing this exercise daily creates a true sense of Bliss.  The pelvis is also about manifestation so this goes great with the Dive exercise.


So Try these exercises and let me know what you notice.  If you could have a more useful reality, what might that be?


If you’re reading this and taking the time to do these exercises you know that you value your health and are looking for answers to some of life’s big questions. You already do this now.  You might consider using these exercises and noticing what is different in your world.


And if you might like a specialized one-on-one session taking you through these exercises and doing it with your specific goals in mind let me know and we can set that up for you. They are not hard but easier to show over phone or Skype rather than just reading about it.  Let me know and we can tell you more about how this works.  ***


here’s the links

The Dive Exercise in the search box on the upper right type in The Dive and it takes you right to it.

Also you can look for the book Parallel Universes of Self where he talks about the PURE technique another version of Reality Creation.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Exercise

Reality Creation Link from Fred Dodson


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