My boys were snuggled in for bed.  I snuck out to clean up the kitchen… a job Ralph usually does for us while I care for our little dude (yes, I’m a very spoiled mommy!).  My duties were done, and I craved a little treat.  Hmmm, what was wild and crazy and awaiting me in our fridge??? Raw organic almond butter… and a dab of organic maple syrup!!!! MMMM! I made a few more dirty spoons to clean.

As I contemplated my dab of syrup, part of me wondered if I’d be eating any form of sugar at all in five years.  And part of me thought, wow, I don’t usually think about this, but probably, to most people, maple syrup is not very extreme on the “junk food” list.  And I thought, you know, most Americans would probably wonder how we have the will power to resist the Reese peanut butter cups, Rollos, and Doritos I used to so love.  And then I thought, that’s just it… it’s not that we have some incredible will power, it’s that we’ve completely shifted realities… I don’t even LIVE in a reality where those things exist anymore.  It didn’t happen overnight, but it might as well have. I don’t look at a gas station and think “food.”  I don’t even see most grocery stores as a place to buy food, and even the ones we DO use, we skirt the outside edge for 98% of our food (aka fresh produce and meats… rarely do we buy something in a package or bottle).  Candy, junk food, even processed food is just not even on our radar.  It’s not that I’m constantly seeing it and resisting it, it’s that in my present world, it doesn’t even EXIST.
Part of it is making changes as we learn new things… going that extra step to learn something new, find alternatives, seek out good new sources, etc. But even more than that, is the flow of useful information that comes so easily into our lives.  When I look back, it’s happened all throughout my life.  However, the more I live, the more I listen… and the more I receive.  Part of this is simply learning from experience, but the exponential part we’ve experienced the last few years we attribute to Matrix Energetics.  Information flows to us very effortlessly, and our job is to NOTICE.  The rest seems to fall into place, and before we know it, a new reality surrounds us.  Sometimes it’s intense and a bit jarring of a shift, but most often it’s so fluid that I have to stop and reflect back a few years to really see how drastically things have changed.
This takes me to a recent fascination I’ve had with time and reality travel.  Even more exciting to me than traveling forward or backward in time is the idea of experiencing various realities within the same “time-space.”  Think of how you can live in the same block as five other people in various stages of their lives.  They are all experiencing completely different realities in the same time-space.  Or when you are strolling around on holiday and catch a glimpse of someone bustling off to work… your experience of that day and space in the city is slowed and detailed compared with their likely fast and assumptive experience of it.  And then apply this to yourself.  How can a single thought or attitude shift your experience of your day, where you live, the people you interact with, the places you go on a regular basis?  How powerful is it that you can shift your reality and then one day look back and say, wow, I am living in a completely different world than I was a few years ago?!  Pretty fun stuff 🙂



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