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If you’re reading our blog you’re already interested in Healing & Transformation and searching for answers to help you and your family heal.  You already do this now. If you might like to be part of something bigger than all us, read this post of what is going on in the Pacific Northwest at Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space.   here’s the link below:


We have now found land and space to set up our Healing & Transformation Space near Mount Baker in the forests of Washington State.  What we have here is a beautiful setting in a healing environment where we can use the things we’ve found that work.  In our Healing & Transformation Space we use these technologies, methods, and ways of living to help you truly heal so you can transform and get on with doing what you are here to do.  Here’s a partial list of what we’re using to help people heal and connect with their true heart’s desires.


Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy & Beyond, Bellingham, WA and Worldwide via Phone & Skype




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