Each Thursday I do a free ~ donation based matrix energetics session for everyone on our email list. I do this at 8:30 am till around 9 am and then send out an email of what I noticed that shifted for us as well as other information.  Feel Free to email me so you can tell me what you would like to shift in each session if you like.

You know you’re obviously really serious about Healing & Transformation and I just want to take the time to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never take the time to Heal & Transform the way you have.  You’ve taken the step toward healing and transformation and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

Here’s an E-book that Jen and I wrote of some of our experiences with Healing & Transformation which you might find inspirational.  I feel that knowing others’ healing and transformation stories helps us all know what is possible in our own healing.  It’s not flashy but there is a lot of good stories here.





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