We arranged a delicious healing day on Sunday, January 30th from 11.00am-6.00pmin Encinitas to reconnect with all of you.
As we collectively let go of the recent past and move on to the here and now, let’s remember with compassion that ALL IS WELL.
We are refreshing our commitment to serving consciousness with you and we are delighted to share all the good qi and healing practices we learned in our last retreat in New Zealand.
We encourage you to start the year with a new commitment to your HEALTH, your SPIRIT and your LIFE

EVENT:             ZHINENG QIGONG METHODS for HEALING with 5 Elements Sounds
CONTENT:        Push the Mountains, Chen Qi, Bow Body, 3 Centers Merge Standing Form, Hips Rotation,
Red Dragon Swimming in the   Ocean, Laqi, 5 Element Sounds & Yang Qi meditation with perpendicular breathing
WHERE:            StillPoint Presence, 1541 Calle Tulipanes, Encinitas
WHEN:              Sunday, January 30th
11:00am to 6:00pm
(please bring your lunch and plenty of water)
PRICE:              $80 – you can register online.  Please talk to us if financial considerations might prevent you from joining us.

WE HAVE ROOM FOR 15 PEOPLE, please reserve your spot here or email us at dani@qifieldtherapy.com
Sending you ocean of light and qi!!!! HAOLA HAOLA
Dani & Fede

Federico Garcia-Anguiano | Daniela Carraro
Instructors of Zhineng | Wisdom Healing™ Qigong
SE™ Practitioner

858.405.9686 cell




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