Ming Tong Gu

Presentation and Healing Event led by Master Mingtong Gu

Wednesday September 2nd 2009 at 7 pm
Mission Hills Physical Therapy
928 Ft. Stockton Dr. Ste 201,
San Diego, CA 92103
RSVP 619.543.1470

Wisdom Healing Qigong “Awakening life energy for self-healing and the healing of others”

In this presentation, Master Mingtong Gu will introduce the principles of Qigong and its healing effect, including CT scan showing the process of dissolving a tumor with Qigong treatment; Key elements of Qigong healing and the power of connecting the Universal Primal Chi; And learn simple method of working with healing energy field. He will share the universal tools for improving your health and well being, as he guides participants in an extraordinary, life changing, energy healing experience in the creative universal Chi field.

Through gentle movement, visualization, sound and conscious intention, Qigong is an experiential way to address the underlying causes of your life challenge, totality of the body and its connection with emotion, mind and spirit. Changing the energy within oneself is the foundation of positive change and healing. With intensive support of the group, Master Gu will lead you to the complete practice of energy healing for self and others, and activate your gift of healing to the full potential. The practice will open major energy centers and enhance energy flow within, releasing negative energy pattern/imprints from the past. You will learn to organize a Chi Field for connecting with the universal primal source and participate in a very powerful Healing Circle. We will share the skill and practice of transmitting chi for curing the incurable and healing others without depleting your own chi. It will enhance your well-being, spiritual awareness and creativity.

Inquire for information on Wisdom Healing Qigong workshops, classes, and private Qigong Healing Sessions by Master Gu at Chi Healing Center or www.chicenter.com and further info at www.missionhillspt.com



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