How to Play with the Infinite.

I love that word.  Infinite. also In-Finite.  There is so much written and talked about in regards to living as an infinite being or being a spiritual being in a physical experience.

How is it useful is a way that I look at stuff.

If you were to have an experience of your infinite self or infinity or what ever you want to call it, what might you experience?  And what would be useful for you?

What are the tangible results from the various methods or ways to connect to the infinite?  Are the people that do it happy? fulfilled? living the life of their dreams?  There are people living the life of their dreams. Some of them are teaching classes on how to connect to this infinity to make life better, happier, more fulfilled. Are they able to teach others?

Are the people doing these methods becoming enlightened or making tangible changes in their lives?  What is useful?

I’ve played with a bunch of these methods and there are benefits to a lot of them.  At least I can see differences in life since playing with them for my self and also for our clients.

There is a method or methodology I’ve been playing with that is bringing some big shifts for us and our clients so I wanted to fill you all in on what I’ve found.

It’s something I first heard about 5 years ago and used with some success back then.  I have used it in various ways since then and it’s popped back into my reality to do it again in a concentrated way now.

There seems to be an invisible universe and if that is played with change in the so called physical universe shows up.

 So how to play with this invisible world? First it may be useful to get some data on this invisible universe.  When you look at the galaxies and space what we know about it is that there is a lot of what looks to be empty space.  Interestingly enough when scientists look deep inside us and physical matter, past the atoms and farther in than the protons and neutrons and electrons what is found is nothing; pure empty space again.  In fact, what the physicists tell us is that there over 99.9999% of the universe is empty space.

When they do the math to determine how much energy is in this space also known as the vacuum what they come up with is infinity!

Now there are physicists finding infinite energy, mass, potential and energy in each and every proton!  How can there be infinity in a finite structure like a small proton? And how can there be multiple infinities; you know each proton in the universe has infinity in it? Multiple infinities?

It’s the kind of thing that just loops and we can’t with our finite reasoning or logic come up with a reasonable answer.  There is a way to experience it; To know something by knowing it directly without words to describe it.

This is the invisible universe. Perhaps the physical universe is not really there.  Or if it is there, it’s more like a hologram; an image which when you look deeper is not really physical at all.  This is the stuff we’re playing with now.  

If you could notice as this infinite space what might you know? And if this infinite space is somehow projecting a “physical universe” what would it be like to shift some pattern with this infinite space and see a different result in the “physical reality we see”? 

There is a guy Robert Sheinfeld we were introduced to years ago and he has a process to notice yourself as this infinite.  Even though we appear finite.  The Infinite is in the In-Finite of our so called physical body.  There may be infinite infinities in each proton of us!

Recently Robert Sheinfeld gave us all a gift by giving us this technology.  I’ll include the link to it as well as links to other ways people are playing with this.  If you are drawn to this try it out; use it, and let me know what you notice that changes in your physical universe; your physical reality.  Does life get different; better?

We’ve been using this technology with our clients with Matrix Energetics which is where we first learned about Robert Sheinfeld with his book, Busting Loose from the Money Game.  There is a way to do Robert’s process to get a reality of you as this infinity and make real changes in the physical reality; your physical reality.

With Matrix Energetics we can access this space; the infinite with you and together go thru and shit patterns and information which you’ve been using to create your current realities.  ANd from there using the infinite power of the space shift realities to uncover the truth of what you are; The Infinite. 

It’s great fun to play in this way.  It’s empowering; it’s life changing; it causes real and measurable changes in physical reality but it helps you uncover the truth of what you are and access to this invisible universe.

If this interests you and you’d like more information email or call me.  ANd if you might like a session to access this space; this infinity you are, let me know and we can help you set that up.

Knowing the truth.  What is absolutely true?  How much power have you been using to keep yourself in the dark about the infinite you truly are?  What would life be like to know the truth?  How would it be useful?

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Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype



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