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I was snuggled next to my sleeping son, Ben, reading Simplicity Parenting.  The author was discussing how children each have their own “telos,” or innate nature, inherent destiny, much like an acorn has within itself the destiny of an oak tree.  And something hit me…

Ralph had recently asked me how I would best name what he does in his work. And that is it… he activates telos.  In more modern terms, he activates Path and Purpose. He helps connect people with their innate, though often dormant, most expansive, meaningful ways of being.  I see it happen over and over again. People come to Ralph for many reasons, looking for shifts in a multitude of areas, from physical to emotional, to relational, to financial, to spiritual.  Sometimes they simply end up interacting with him in “daily” life, but we notice a certain synchronicity to it, and can almost nod at each other with a smile.  “Pay attention to the results of this one,” we twinkle at each other. And the beauty of it is, it’s not something he’s doing, it’s something he’s being.  And then he notices.  It is that simple, and yet that profound.
What we have noticed time and again, is that after interacting with Ralph, peoples’ lives shift.  We observe them later, maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe across a few years, and they are living their passions, living in joy, more at home in themselves, more purposeful and aware in their lives. It becomes more and more apparent to us across the illusion of time.  Their realities change in ways that are sometimes subtle, sometimes not, but that could often go almost unnoticed if one did not know to pay attention or didn’t have the advantage of a reference point… and I think that’s because there is an alignment that happens that feels so natural to the soul that it allows the slipping away of that which is not useful to such an extent that the “old” is forgotten, completely disconnected with, unless purposefully brought to conscious awareness.
Ralph is not “putting” anyone on his/her path, or determining what so-and-so’s path should be, and often is not even thinking about path and purpose while interacting with someone.  He is being, and observing, and when he “does” those two things, it consistently appears to activate something already within the soul, something already asked for by the soul, but usually to a depth not yet in conscious awareness. And what we see unfold inevitably has an almost tangible sense of resonance with that person, in a way that indicates congruence with that soul’s yearnings, for this particular lifetime and reality.
More than anything, I see this all unfolding in our own lives.  Our conscious awareness of our paths and purposes, both intertwined and individually, becomes clearer and clearer, and our grand adventure living that purpose has become absolutely unavoidable.  We look back 6 months and think, “Wow, we are really doing it!”  We look back 5 years and think, “Holy cow! Look at how many shifts we’ve made and how it has all been unfolding!” It makes very clear how beyond amazing and absolutely magical life is when Path and Purpose are nearer the surface.  A few years ago, we didn’t even have vocabulary, much less concepts, for much of what we are up to currently… but here we are, Path and Purpose Activated, most certainly vibrating more and more deeply with the telos of our beings.
Jen Havens

Jen Havens



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