here’s one person’s experience after using the technology in this post.

Mira Portents Aloha Ralph:) I”ve been having fun playing with this one….I did an initial per test with my neck mobility and the pain on my right foot. After reading your message I checked in and noticed more ease with neck movement and less pain in my foot. 
The next day I read your message again and your passion for running spoke to me. I felt into my love of yoga and noticed different stuck emotions about it. I noticed them and dropped them into the Zero pint field and let go. I noticed being able to breath more fully and my being relaxed. I felt this from the core of my being rippling out in concentric waves. I was very tired and rested for the rest of the day. I slept well and deep through the nite. 
In the morning I was moved to check in about work. Two new exciting opportunities were presented to me:)
Thank you for sharing your story and setting it up to be a healing experience!


She had this response after reading this post

Before you read it, test something like turning your head left and right, bending your back forward and backwards and walking.

then when you are done reading this, re-test your head turning and your back bending and your walking and notice what is different and what is different in your day and week.

and let me know what you notice



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