Noticing from Your Future Self

This week’s Good Things Happen on Thursdays just went to Done.

I”ve set it up so that a shift happens simply by reading this.  Try it and let me know what you notice

and what you notice that’s different.  I’m putting a few links of some encoded Healing and Transformation Sessions.

I recommend you test something that you can test right now; like how your neck moves or how your back bends or walk around or test something that you can re-test after reading these links.  I’ve written about what the mechanics of how this works might be. But ultimately we don’t know.  The cool thing is to notice what is different and then over the days and weeks notice how life is different.  Send me an email and let me know.  360.599.2217 *

here’s today’s session

and some other links you can use with this test and re-test idea and see which ones make the biggest shifts for you.

What is true healing and transformation

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Ralph and Jen Havens



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