Neuro-fascial processing or NFP is an exercise we often give or review at the end of each PT session. It is a very simple 15-20 minute technique that can have profound effects on the body.
It involves placing the hands on two specific points on the body. One hand usually, but not always, is on the area of injury or concern. The other hand goes on different “process spots” – the heart for circulation, ureters for drainage (toxicity and swelling). Lots of these “spots” correlate with Eastern medicine.
But how does it work? We don’t quite know. It is interesting, however, that multiple studies demonstrate that premature infants who are held gain more weight and do better health-wise compared to matched infants who are not. Similar to NFP, one thought is that placing your hands on your body gets your body’s awareness to the area and helps out that way. Funny thing is, it works. I have seen wonderful things happen with this technique. Remember, it only involves 15 minutes of your time and your own light touch. Bottom line, it can’t hurt.

Testimonials about NFP: Center of IMT
Kanoe Hook, DPT



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