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How to Heal & Transform using Matrix Energetics

Using technology from the fields of Matrix Energetics, Qigong, and more, Ralph Havens helps you access the infinite potential of the vacuum or space 


so you can heal and transform.  

The demonstration & session will be unique to you and to the group.  These group sessions are a powerful way to heal and transform, and people tend to feel a lot of joy and laughter during the sessions.  


Matrix Energetics is a consciousness technology that accesses the vacuum or space which has infinite potential, information and energy so you can heal and transform on all levels. 


Qigong is an ancient technology that also uses the power of intention to access this universal energy we are all made of.


If you’re reading this flyer, then you’re interested in healing and ready for a change or shift in your health and well being.  You might want to come and experience Matrix Energetics and Qigong with us.  *


If you were to heal or transform something what might that be?


  • Date:  February 7th, 2015, Saturday
  • Time:  4:30 pm at Deanna Clasby’s home
  • Place:   1801 Valhalla Lane, unit A, Bellingham wa 98226
  • Cost:  recommended donation $5 to $10 of appreciation
  • Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
  • Ralph Havens Physical Therapy ~
  • Bellingham  & Maple Falls, WA and Worldwide via Phone & Skype

360.599.2217               RalphHavensPT@gmail.com



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