Thank you so much for the healing you did on my grandson.  I have never mentioned this to my daughter because she is so sensitive about her son, but for a time I feared he might be autistic, but I no longer feel that way now.  As an infant  he would become frustrated and would bang his head on the floor, on the door, on the wall or hit himself in the head with his fists.  It troubled me to no end to witness this.  And when he began daycare at 2 years of age and started catching the colds and fevers that a lot of kids go though when they come in close proximity with one another his fevers would spike and he’d go into seizures.  So when a friend suggested I bring him to you I welcomed the opportunity.

I realize you have only seen him once, but since you worked on him he has become a TOTALLY different child.  He is SO HAPPY…..constantly singing and laughing.  That evening when he went home from your office and his mother asked me what you had done it was very hard to explain to her so I asked her to just notice and explain to me the differences that she noticed in him.  Well that evening he picked up a piece of broccoli and began eating it as if were cotton candy.  Since then he eats spinach, green beans, celery, cabbage, constantly asks for milk.  You’ve done wonders for him.  The following day when I picked him up from school he took me around and told me the names of all three of his teachers and before we left his classroom he turned and blew them all a KISS!   This is totally different behavior for him, because before he was very quiet in school and didn’t want to speak according to his teachers.  NOW in the mornings when I leave for work he blows me a kiss and says “I love you and have a good day”.   I can’t believe the changes.

Don’t get me wrong he is by no means an angel.  We still have a few more issues I’d love for you to work with him on, but I WANT TO THANK YOU SINCERELY for the beautiful start you have given our baby boy.  There has been no more hitting himself in the head with his fists or banging his head on the floor.  He is now a gentle, loving, happy,  well-mannered…..well at least a typical 2 year old now.   Thanks again Ralph!

A Very Grateful Grandmother!



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