Have you ever noticed how sometimes miracles happen without even trying; and other times healing happens with some effort and time?


Something can happen that can change everything immediately.  You know when you’ve thought or felt a certain way; thought the world made sense in some sort of way/

and then,

something happens or changes and you no longer feel that way. You know something different now and it will never be the same.

It could be a religious experience, an awakening or it could be something like getting fired or losing a job or losing someone very close to you.  It could seem like a positive or it could be seen as a negative.  But something can change in the blink of an eye.  And then it will never be the same again.


When You see something that goes beyond your beliefs; something that was impossible now being done; something changes inside of you.

And you can have a choice. You can see it, and know it, or you can try to avoid it, and auto-correct for it.  Trying to make believe it didn’t happen so life doesn’t get too upside down.

With IMT, my experience became,  “if it can happen, it can un-happen”.  And that became my new reality.  I saw this daily in my life and practice. To read about my own person story click here.

When I started learning and using IMT I let go of a lot of what I had learned. The traditional physical therapy was already long gone at that point for me.  It just didn’t work that well and didn’t have the miracle factor.  Even some of the alternative techniques I was using, were no longer useful.  I had something better.

I had the great privilege to learn from Sharon Giammatteo, PT, PhD for over 10 years and 110+ classes in Integrative Manual Therapy. During that time, I saw people walk who had been paralyzed; I saw autism cleared so that children no longer had the label of autism.  I saw medical conditions cured. I know cured is a funny word.  It can bristle some people’s skin.  Especially when talking about dreaded diseases.  That something which is impossible can happen, affects us.

Working with IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) and using it in our clinic for over a decade changed me. I saw stuff change that I never believed would be possible. The Impossible was no longer what I saw.  I had seen too much to think something couldn’t be fixed up.

And while it could happen fairly quickly for some cases, for the big stuff, it took time. It was a process.  Clients came in for multiple hour sessions.  If we had enough time we could help someone fix up very “impossible stuff”.

I was getting to a point where I was working on our staff and our families because so many people had very real conditions and concerns and needed help. But it was taking so much work; we needed more and more therapists.  We had 5 therapists working for us and we were packed trying to keep up with the need.


I met Richard Bartlett, DC, ND and we took his classes at the recommendation of our good friend and teacher Kim Burnham, PhD.

Everything changed that day in August in 2009. After my first class, I went back to the clinic and with seemingly nothing done; very short sessions; people were healing; people were transforming. I had staff telling me I “just took all the sorrow” our of their heart.  This after a 1 minute “session”.  I had clients with amazing results with very short sessions.

Comments like, “how come my prayers don’t work” after interacting with a client for a brief moment and then all her pain was gone.  Clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis with severe pain having a short 1 minute session and walking and turning with tears in eyes because there was no longer any pain.

I know it seems impossible.  I would have thought the same thing if someone had just told me this. I never even entertained the idea that something like what I was witnessing could happen.  It wasn’t in my realm of possibilities.

But there it was happening every day; throughout the day; over and over again.  It was crazy times.

All of our therapist took Matrix Energetics over the next few months and we went for it.  I had to stop doing IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy). If something could change that fast, I had to see what else was possible.

So for 2 years, I did mostly all Matrix Energetics.  I still used some IMT but mostly I used Matrix Energetics. I saw miracles with Matrix Energetics.

But  I was also realizing that the miracles I saw with IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) were powerful and just because there was a process and they occurred over time, did not negate the fact that they were still miracles.

Miracles can happen in the blink of an eye.  And they can play out as a process over some time.

For  over 2 years, I  saw that for some people a process seemed to happen. It took time for some people in their healing and transformation.  Even for me, I saw that, Yes there were very fast immediate miracles with Matrix Energetics; but also there could be a time element involved.

There was also a process of healing and transformation.  IMT is a process of finding and fixing primary problems so the client heals and transforms with their innate healing powers;  which is how healing can occur.

So when looking at what is useful for you and your healing, I consider that Healing and Transformation can occur in the blink of an eye.

And, there is also a real benefit to looking with a process approach such as IMT, and systematically going through and evaluating and treating and re-assessing and treating as we unlock and fix up your body and help you heal.

So in looking at what is useful for you, I like to always be in the Matrix Energetics state.  It’s more a state of consciousness, where anything is possible and healing can happen and does happen in the blink of an eye.

And at the same time, use my IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) skills to see and fix up conditions so you can Heal and Transform on all levels.

Here’s some links about both Matrix Energetics and IMT.   I feel using both is the way to expect and let go into the space of miracles while also, looking in all the nooks and crannies to fix up what needs attention.

You’ve done a lot to figure out how to heal and transform.  You’ve read through this blog post about Healing and Transformation *  You’re already doing a lot to figure it out for yourself and your loved ones.  You already do this now.

You might want to notice how you may be different since reading this blog post.  If you were different how would you know?

And if you might like to experience Matrix Energetics and IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy), let me know.

If You might like an individual session or one of our group or online ~ streaming Healing and Transformation sessions.

Give me a call or email me and let me know what you noticed and what you might like to heal or transform.



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Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype




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