The Gift

What if we already had in our possession, a gift.  A gift from The Infinite; from God.  A way to create your own reality?  What if you were already doing it now.


If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already done a lot to heal and transform your finances and relationships and conditions.  You already do this now.

If you might be interested in a way to do this energetically and using this gift from God or the Infinite, check this video and audio out.

This creates real and tangible differences.  What would it feel like to already have what you have desired?  What might you think?  What might you feel and what might you imagine that to be?

I’ve created an audio of A Transmission for Financial Abundance *

it’s something we’ve found that’s been right under our noses for a long time and is a gift from the infinite to each of us.

We’ve all been in possession of it and many of us know it intellectually but not actually, as we have been using it for manifestation of stuff we don’t want. A lot of what we’ve all heard before.

The difference is this is an audio transmission to shift the patterns which have been in the way of knowing it;

really knowing it;

If you knew this to be true, would you think, feel and imagine how you’ve been thinking, feeling, and imagining.

I’ll include a link to it as well as a video about it. There have been some very cool success stories and I’d love to do this for you. en joy…/

Video about the transmission from Ralph Havens,

* * *






A transmission for your financial abundance



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