I got asked while on a run about Core Strength and also loosening up the hips.  I’m going to discuss some ideas from my Physical Therapy and Integrative Manual Therapy background as well as give some information about how to do some simple yet profound exercises that do both loosening up the hips and strengthening up the Core.

There will probably be a few parts to this post.  So I will break it up into different posts so it’s easier to use.

Athletes and people in general can have complaints of tightness in their hips and back and weak abdominals or core.  Many times these go hand in hand.  What’s going on? How can you be tight and weak at the same time and how do you go about fixing it up?

Without getting too technical, basically the pelvis and the body in general will spasm or tighten areas that are weak. It is the body’s attempt to stabilize itself.  If the area is weak, one way to keep it somewhat stabile is to make it tight. The body is smart that way.

But, the tightness can cause all sorts of problems.  And tight muscles can’t relax and also can’t contract when needed   So a good way from a physical therapy standpoint would be to balance and loosen the tight areas in a way so that you can use the area and regain the strength and function.

How to do it?

I’m going to show you one way that one the surface looks too simple. But it can be very simple and effective.  There are ways to make it more involved and even more powerful but the basics will give you big results.  So first the easy simple way.

I like testing and re-testing so you can tell what changes or what’s different. Does this make you better is the question.  So first walk around and see how you feel. Notice how loose or tight your hips feel.  If you have a familiar stretch you do, test it to see how it is now.

The exercise is a movement from Wisdom Healing QiGong called hip rotations.  What you do is imagine you have a little flashlight on the end of your tail bone.  While standing with feet shoulder width apart, gently move the tailbone so the “flashlight” is making a circle the diameter of your feet apart distance.  Move counter-clockwise for a few minutes, about 3 minutes without stopping.  Keep your knees slightly bent.

Then reverse directions and make the circle clockwise.  Keep relaxed in your body and keep your hands on the kidney area (just around the back of the lower ribs area).  Do this direction for 3 minutes without stopping.

Now as a good physical therapist would tell you re-test and notice what’s different.  So go ahead and walk around, do your test stretch movement you did initially and notice what’s different. If you run notice what it’s like to run after doing 6 minutes of this exercise. 

The exercise while easy and simple, is profound. More is better with this exercise.  If you take the time to do an hour of it alternating counter-clockwise for a few minutes and clockwise for a few minutes and just keep on doing it continuously for an hour. You will see profound changes in your pelvic floor, your strength, your sense of well being. What actually shows up when people do this everyday and spend an hour or more (some people are doing this now for 2 hours a day) is Bliss.

Let me say that again.  If you do this exercise for an hour or two a day for a few days or weeks, what starts to show up is Bliss and you can also  have core strength and looser hips.  Running will be different; better with this.


I know it sounds too simple and I thought the same thing when it was shown to me by our Qigong Master. But  recently I began using it again after our Qigong Master emphasized it again to me. And I got to prove it to myself; how powerful it really is.

You already are doing good things for yourself; reading this article and looking for answers to your questions. You already do this now.

You might want to try it for yourself and email or call me with what you notice.  You might consider calling me or emailing me for more advanced and simple ways to fix up your hips and back and other conditions you may be having.

Ralph Havens

ralphhavenspt@gmail.com       619.840.9755

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