oh my,
These are interesting times. . .
Today for your session, your every Thursday Beyond Limits session, we had a few surrogates.  It’s interesting because before they asked to be the surrogates for today’s session, I was walking out on the trails here and got that the session would be all about the lungs and letting go of grief and sadness and despair.
The lungs process grief, sadness and despair . . .
And the other side of that is Joy . . .
What gets to you?  If you were the benevolent dictator, what would you do?  How might you help?
There is a recent study in a peer-reviewed medical journal looking at vaccinated kids vs. unvaccinated kids and the DPT vaccine.  It’s from a large group of kids in Africa.
And what they found is chilling . . . a 10 fold increase in death for the kids who received the DPT vaccine. . .
Now that is beyond disturbing. . .
If you have been with me for a while or you follow me on social media you might know that vaccine safety and making sure we have informed consent is a big priority for me.
There is actually a bill in congress right now that is just sitting there waiting to be slipped into some bill . . . that would require adults and everyone to get their vaccines updated if they want to cross a border.  It’s actually the Dept. of Transportation and the CDC doing this.   Now it hasn’t been put in but it’s there . . . just waiting . . .
You know if a study shows a 10 fold increase in death if a kid gets the DPT vaccine then I believe we should all have a say if we want our kids to get that or don’t want that.
So that’s a big one, right?  You could see how that might get to me or someone with kids or even those without kids. . .
It saddens me to see the vaccine injured kids.  They are there if you look.  It’s beyond sadness. . .
I have been using a new process that I’ve found that goes right to the heart of how to shift yourself so your world shifts.  I’ve seen big changes for money, health, love, & even meaning.
And it’s pretty simple.  I’ve been using it with my one-on-one clients and during our once a month Miracles, Magic, Healing & More sessions.  It brings up some big stuff and transforms it into unconditional love.
And the results in the physical world have been truly amazing.
I feel we are gonna get vaccine safety and informed consent in place.  I believe we can make the world a better place for kids . . . and for us too!
I’ve been using this new process with some other powerful technology and seeing even bigger shifts on all levels for us and our clients.
If you have any questions about it or need more info just hit reply and I can let you know more about this.
This Sunday coming up, is our next Miracles, Magic, Healing & More . . . Session, the group online session where you get to keep the video of the session.  I’m gonna be using this new process with Matrix Energetics and something else that’s also really cool.
It all goes together amazingly well.  You’ll be able to keep the video too and really get this.
Right now if you get my FREE + shipping book, Enlighten Up & Get What You Want, I have a way for you to get the once a month Miracles sessions for a big savings.  Just click the little box in the lower right corner once you grab my book here. LINK.
If you do this before Sunday you’ll be part of the next Miracles Session.  So join us here and start this process that can help you make real changes in your world. LINK here.
I am super excited to get this for you so join us for next Sunday’s session and let me know what your ideal world would be.



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