Sometimes a client takes some time to realize what they came to change has shifted.  I think it may be because things are so different, it’s hard to track.  Here is one person’s experience with Matrix Energetics.  enjoy!  Ralph & Jen
Ralph and Jen invited my friend and me to their home to experience Matrix Energetics. As I work in rehab as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I was intrigued by the”Matrix Energetics” that my friend was talking about. Ralph made me walk back and forth, checking some tight areas in my body. I told him I had knee pain that wasn’t going away and bothered me when I ran. Then he did his “thing” around me. I felt warmth in the small of my back for a brief instant but nothing  else really.  After Ralph decided he was finished, he then asked me to walk again back and forth in his living room. I definitely felt a change but could not grasp what it was. I felt light, almost “drunk” with a big smile on my face. It was a pleasant feeling. It took me a day to realize that my knee was not hurting anymore and it hasn’t since. I have been running and jumping and its fine.
It doesn’t really matter how this happened. I don’t even want to know. I’m looking at the outcome, and in my opinion it is incredible, efficient and seems to be a lot of fun. Ralph inspired me to look deeper into Matrix Energetics and I hope to get my certification as a practitioner very soon.
Thank you again Ralph and Jen for your desire to share and inspire others.




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