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I just love Matrix Energetics. It’s a way to heal and transform; many times instantaneously.  We’ve seen lives transform with one session.  Many times stuff changes we weren’t even working on.  It’s fun for us to do and fun for people to experience.  And even though I’ve written about it, the best way to know matrix energetics is to experience it.

Integrative Manual Therapy is a systematic method of evaluation and treatment techniques.  I’ve seen miracles beyond belief by this method.  I’ve seen someone who who in a wheelchair and the doctors had given up on; a teenage girl who through hours of IMT, not only walk again but became an IMT therapist and now has a family and is fully healthy, vibrant and living life to the fullest.  She had treatment at the home of IMT, CenterIMT; now called Institute of Integrative Manual Therapy.  Here’s more info about Integrative Manual Therapy as well

With IMT, we have a way to assess someone and determine what is going on.  What are the problems that the body is dealing with and what is the body doing to protect itself.  So with this method we like to have an hour session and multiple hour sessions can be useful.  The method basically unlocks protective patterns in the body to uncover underlying causes of the problem and then by fixing up the problem areas the protective patterns can let go and the person heals.

So with our physical therapy work, it’s great to be able to access the Matrix Energetics technology to heal and transform and it’s also great to have a method to systematically go thru and solve complex problems for people.

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics




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