this is a just released movie on hydrofluosilicic acid in our water

please pass it around.

we’re getting a good detox package going

I’m doing metagenics


ultraclear renew


lemon and ginger tea

doing IMT Integrative Manual Therapy  and Matrix Energetics. and Esther Platner acupuncture and Wisdom Healing QiGong

have brimac Brimac  filters on our house and drinking carlsbad spring water which is high in Ca and Mg god for getting rid of the hydrofluosilicic acid

doing oil pulling for the teeth

and eating the way with lots of bone stock and ferment veggies.

we have also used for coffee enemas and juice program.

I have seen clients coming to me with the symptoms of hyrdofluosilicic acid poisoning and we’re using this  program with promising changes.

let me know what other detox you all find.

I’m gonna check out the lemon cleanse Esther sent me too.

I’ve got Kim Burnham, PhD looking into more detox solutions for this.

Please pass this along to every practitioner you know.

These clients are walking into our clinics now.

The symptoms are neurological, muscle, joint, bone, depression, and others.

we’re starting to turn it around for people

please help and pass this video around and look for these clients as they walk thru our doors

Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified matrix energetics,

owner and founder Mission Hills Physical Therapy


another video



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