I was up early today before today doing my Wisdom Healing Qigong in my matrix energetics state and using the Reality Creation tech.  It was during my Wisdom Healing Qigong that I had a very cool epiphany.

There is a great co-op that we use that has a wonderful group of people who make great food. They live a lifestyle from simpler times and they have a dairy, and farm where we get amazing food.  They’ll even prepare bone stock and other products so people don’t have to do all the work themselves.

I realized that our Coming Home Matrix Energetics Sessions are the same idea in that I do hours of Qigong and Matrix Energetics and Reality Creation and then people can come to me or we can go their homes and set up their space so they can connect with what they’re meant to do.  They may do some qigong or some matrix energetics or some reality creation but they also have other things to do in their lives; their purpose; their path.

When I was doing my Qigong this morning as I was nearly done, I heard my inner voice saying, “it’s business” as if all this stuff I do is “business”. It’s what I do.  But, then I heard my little 1 year old boy, Ben say to me with a smile and a laugh, like “oh come on Dad” , I heard him say, “it’s fun Daddy!”.  Like, come on dad you know it’s not business, it’s fun!  It made me laugh.  That’s how I know it’s true and I’m connected to Source.  It made me laugh and smile and write this today.

Ralph Havens



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